Home Expo 2019

With a history spanning nearly 40 years Home Expo has grown to be one of the largest attractions in northeast Louisiana.

96101-Home_Expo_logo.jpgFebruary 16 & 17, 2019

Home Expo 2019 features a kaleidoscope of homebuilders, remodelers, decorating services, residential designers, mortgage bankers, and virtually any service or product related to the home.

The list of exhibitors includes kitchen and bath remodeling, electronics, interior and exterior design, heating and air, sound systems, and financial services.

Enthusiastic visitors will also find specialists in windows, doors, flooring, insulation, painting, patio construction, landscaping and other vendors who are on hand to offer advice and showcase new products.

The Home Expo offers the potential home buyer or remodeling client the opportunity to meet with scores of vendors conveniently under one roof, and have dialogue about their individual needs. Many visitors discover new products they were not previously aware of.

To see the current layout for the upcoming show click here.

Rules for the show and a Reservation Form can also be downloaded.

For information about exhibiting or visiting at the Annual Home Expo, call the HBA at 318-387-6795, or inquire by email at hbanela@bellsouth.net.

Below is our TV ad for Home Expo 2019

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